Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's next?

Lots of things happened over the summer. 
We got to take some really nice family trips which included 2 water parks (Schlitterbahn & NRH2o), 2 zoos’(Dallas Zoo & Austin Zoo), and two new restaurants(Five Guys & Chipotle). Doesn’t seem like a lot but through the eyes of our 4 kids it was priceless! 
The other thing that happened over the summer is that Mark and I decided it was time to close San Angelo Church.  We set out to create a church that unchurched people would love to attend and we did that! I look back on all the hard work from many people that helped launch this new way of “doing” church and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!  It was the most rewarding but challenging thing we have ever been a part of.  San Angelo Church may have only existed for 31 months but it will forever have an impact on the lives it touched!  As one person put it, “There is not another church in San Angelo that can take the place of what we experienced at SAC.”  
Now onto the question that started this post, what’s next? Right now we don’t know exactly. Hopefully soon we will know where we will begin the next phase of our lives. Lots of possibilities, but as we wait for God’s leading, we continue on as normal. I started back to work, kids started back to school, and Mark can’t wait for football season to start.

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  1. I love that you had a mission to reach unchurched people. I happened to be one of the unchurched who found what I felt was a home at SAC. Closing the church left me stranded, and I had to find out from someone else. I was lucky enough to have a great friend who helped me find a different place to call home. Glad you felt like you reached the unchurched people.