Thursday, April 28, 2011

My life part 1

Since starting this blog, I haven’t really shared a lot about my life and how I got to where I am today.
It all started back in March 1973.  I was born into the Hamilton family which consisted of my mom and dad and a 3 y/o sister named Cinnamon.  Don’t remember a whole lot about the very beginning other than some of the stories that have been told and pictures hidden away in photo albums.  My mom and dad still joke about the day I was born and how I had such a full head of black hair that they couldn’t tell me apart from all the other babies in the nursery.  I still get comments about “that hair”! 
I continued growing up in a wonderful family home and then one day someone else joined our family.  I will never forget the day when I was finishing up in my second grade class and going to my Aunt Debbie’s house after school and getting the call from my dad that said “it’s a boy!”  I was 8 years old and had a new baby brother named Aaron.  From the beginning, people have questioned why Aaron wasn’t named after a spice.  I don’t think he will ever evade that question.  He was actually named after some of the Hamilton side relatives and he has lived up to their prominent statures (big and tall).
Life continued on through junior high, high school, and on to college.  Great friends and memories were created and developed through that 8+ year span.  Then things started to take a different turn.  While attending Angelo State University, I started “dating”.  Isn’t that one of the main reasons to go to college is to date? LOL!  I actually never went out past a first date but looking back I can see why.  God had a specific guy for me and he moved him to San Angelo without me knowing about it.  During this time I had started nursing school and had a lot of projects to do and tests to study for and really didn’t have time to be in a relationship, I thought!  So on a Wednesday night at church, the night I didn’t go, my mom came back saying there was a “NEW” guy that had visited and he looked nice.  Of course anytime “new meat” visited the church it was game on!  I actually had to wait until the next Wednesday night to see this guy but it was worth the wait!
To be continued…

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