Friday, February 18, 2011

My Presidents' Day

Thanks to Presidents' Day, I get a 3 day weekend!!  Mark and I often joke about having 4 kids named after presidents (Reagen, Kennedy, Lincoln and Madison). I guess that gives us a little more to celebrate than most!  It usually takes people a few minutes to realize they are named after presidents.  I love the fact that our kids are named after some very important people in this world! We really didn't intend to do that but just kinda fell into place. 

I know for me growing up with a sister named Cinnamon, we have often been referred to as the "original spice girls"!!  When my brother Aaron came along, he was named after my dad's side of the family.  Not sage, pepper, thyme, nutmeg, or all-spice.  To this day he still gets asked why he wasn't named after a spice! 

I love my family and my little presidents and look forward to celebrating with them throughout the weekend!!

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