Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As I was reading through a devotional this morning, I came across an interesting idea.  The description of a gatekeeper, as defined in I Chronicles 9: 23-29, has very similar characteristics to being a portable church.
Here are just a few of those verses:
These gatekeepers and their descendants, by their divisions, were responsible for guarding the entrance to the house of the Lord when that house was a tent.  The gatekeepers were stationed on all four sides.  Their relatives in the villages came regularly to share their duties for seven-day periods.  The four chief gatekeepers, all Levites, were trusted officials, for they were responsible for the rooms and treasuries at the house of God.  Some of the gatekeepers were assigned to care for the various articles used in worship. Others were responsible for the furnishings, the items in the sanctuary and the supplies, such as choice flour, wine, olive oil, frankincense, and spices.
Sounds a whole lot like what goes on at http://www.sanangelochurch/ on a weekly basis.  We have a lot of gatekeepers who dedicate their time, muscles and sweat to help “guard” and care for the rooms at the house of God.   Along with other gatekeepers that provide the “choice flour, wine, olive oil, frankincense and spices”.  Even though for us it is chocolate balls, cookies, cheesecake bites, etc...
Thank goodness that we can learn and model our lives after the Levites to help create the house of the Lord to allow people to come and hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ. 
Give it up for the Gatekeepers!!    

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