Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy or Sad?

Lately, my daughter Madison will ask, "Are you happy or sad?".  I am not for sure where she learned that phrase at but sometimes it is easy for me to respond to and then it's not! Like last night, I was on my second round of telling the kids to get ready for bed and I guess Madison could "hear" that my voice level had changed and she just blurts out, "Mama, are you happy or sad?".  My response to that was,  "I am fast approaching MAD if you kids don't get ready for bed!" It's amazing that my 3 year old can tell the difference in my mood.  So what makes you happy or sad?
Here is my list:

* when my kids talk and play well together
* that electric feeling when Mark spontaneously holds my hand
* a great cup of flavored coffee
* walking 4 miles
* a clean/organized house
* a great meal from The Grill
* surprisingly enough setting up portable SAC as a family
* family get togethers
* smell of a brand new car
* a baby puppy
* a nice hot bath
* clean sheets on the bed
* getting my hair washed and cut at the salon
the list could go on and on....

* the end of a vacation
* unpacking from a vacation
* when my kids argue and don't like each other
* I don't get a good nights sleep
* people who stop at a yield sign
* being sick
* people who let you down
* impact of world disasters
* the way the world seems to be going down hill
* all the budget problems
* allergies
again, the list could go on and on....

For me, I would rather focus on the happy list but when I don't, I know I will have Madison asking, "Are you happy or sad?"

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